10 Tips to Make Your Train Horns Last Longer and More!

1 Jun

Train horn kits are such a fun way to modify your vehicle. However, sometimes train horn owners find that their train horn kits don’t last long enough.

Many train horn owners find themselves having to replace their train horns at some point with a few needing replacement sooner than the owner would like. If you’d like to make your horns last longer, there are few things you need to take care of, such as buying quality train horn kits with the best features, and that are durable and authentic. Read on for the tips on making your train horns last longer…

10 Tips to Make Your Train Horns Last Longer!
There are 10 things you can do make your train horn last longer…
1. Be sure to change air filters regularly
2. Ensure that the engine runs on the right voltage
3. Clean the train horn kit once a month. Remove debris, if any.
4. Drain the air system regularly to get rid of condensation.
5. Ensure your train horn kit has been installed correctly. If the wires are misaligned, set them right using instructions from the wire installation diagrams made available by the manufacturers.
6. Unless you are comfortable with train horn kit wiring, don’t disassemble the train horn kit or try to repair the electrical connections by yourself. Always do the rewiring under professional supervision.
7. Don’t touch the components if they are wet.
8. Always use a 12v DC Charging system for the kit.
9. Never fill the air tank above 150 PSI.
10. Check your compressor regularly for air leaks.

Selecting Train Horns Kits That Last The Test of Time…
Train horn kits should have a precise tuning. This ensures that the sound produced by the train horn is of the best quality.
It also helps to buy train horn kits made from high quality materials. Since you’ll be spending a few hundred dollars at the minimum on a train horn kit, the last thing you want is for your kit to get damaged after a few months of use. For maximum durability, buy train horns made from steel. Steel horns certainly last a lot longer than plastic chrome plated horns.
Next, you need to be sure to buy train horn kits with compressors and valves of the highest quality. Compressors are the key to producing outstanding sound, so make sure to invest in the best.

Train Horn Troubleshooting…

What if the train horn does not make a sound…

If your train horn doesn’t make a sound, check to make sure the air tank is pressurized, find out if the switches are on, secure the electrical circuits and replace the fuses, if required.

What if the sound of the train horn changes…

This is a common problem – find out if the air source from the valve is circulating as it should. Ensure that each air line is equal in length.

What if there’s too much moisture in the train horn…

Depressurize the tank, drain it, and shift the compressor to an area with less humidity.

What if the compression stops running…

Make sure the switches are turned on, or the fuses might need replacing. If this doesn’t work, replace the pressure switch.

What if there’s too much knocking…

Try mounting the compressor to a cooler area. If this doesn’t work, replace the air compressor.


There you have it, 10+ tips for keeping your train horn kit running at its peak performance plus a few tips for purchasing a quality kit.

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