Is a train horn kit right for you?

20 Apr

Why You Should Own a Train Horn!

You simply have to get a train horn! So what’s a train horn? Well, you’ve probably seen YouTube videos, where someone gets a train horn kit fitted in their truck or car, and blasts their horns at unsuspecting folks on the road! If you’re on the fence about installing a train horn kit, then this article is right for you!

Packing 150db or so under the hood can have hilarious outcomes, if you’re up to the challenge of installing train horns in your vehicle. It’s literally the loudest statement your vehicle can make!

You can install train horn kits on any vehicle of your choice. But train horns aren’t for you if you’re scared of drawing attention towards yourself. Train horn kits are clearly not for the meek – which you certainly are not!

Train horns come with great advantages – they are tons of fun, but can come with a few drawbacks. However, there’s no reason you cannot overcome the drawbacks. Let’s talk a bit more about train horn kits – why you should get them, and how to deal with some of the consequences of owning them.

So, why should you install train horn kits in your car or truck?

Train Horns are so much Fun!

Customizing your car or truck is a great hobby to have. Installing train horns makes your automobile much more interesting and fun. It’s sure to get you a lot of attention – indeed, train horns are the ultimate attention grabbers! You can have tons of fun with your car once you install the train horn kits. Your friends will love them, and so will your kids – especially your kids.

Train Horns Help in Emergency Situations

Installing train horn kits in your car or truck isn’t just about fun – they are very helpful in an emergency situation, such as when you get involved in a car accident. By using the train horn, you can alert the other drivers passing by about the accident, which can prevent further injuries. Train horns are also helpful when it comes to alerting people about your location in an emergency situation.

Train Horn Kits Are So Unique and Versatile!

Each train horn has its unique, easily identifiable style. Apart from the typical train horns that make sounds with a distinctive bass undertone, there are other train horn kits that use different types of music. There’s a huge variety of train horn kits on the market, and you can choose the one that fascinates you the most.

So, what are the drawbacks of owning Train Horns?

Some Cities and States Have Laws Against Them

Do find out before buying a train horn kit if your city or state has regulations against owning a train horn kit for your vehicle. Ask a local police officer about the laws regarding train horns in your city before buying one. It’s possible that your city or state has certain noise ordinances that you should be aware of.

Train Horn Kits Are Expensive

Train horns can be pricey – some cost over a thousand dollars. However, you will find a variety of awesome train horn kits on this site which are affordable and offer the amazing quality you’re looking for! We offer kits starting as low as $249.99 which are bound to fit any budget and train horn need. So have a look around. You will only find the very best train horns and train horn kits on


As you can see, customizing your vehicle with a train horn kit has a few drawbacks, but nothing that cannot be overcome. Owning a train horn kit can be tons of fun, and give your vehicle that flare you’ve been searching for!


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