How Truck Air Horns Work

23 Dec

Whether you’re shopping for something like the MAXIMUS II, the MAXIMUS III Quad Train Horn Kit, the Klein Quad Air Horn Kit HK4, or the Wolo Philly Express Compact Train Horn, it’s important to know what you’re looking for. It can help your search considerably to know how truck air horns work. When you understand how truck air horns work, finding exactly what you need for your specific plans is a much more straightforward task. 

Learning About Noise

Learning how truck air horns work is not a complex thing. However, these are intricate, well-crafted devices, when you purchase your kit or horn from one of the top manufacturers on the market today. Getting a sense of how these things work can not only make you a smarter shopper, but it can also be kind of interesting.

 After all, when you understand how something functions, you’re bound to appreciate it that much more. The best air horns and train horns pack a pretty fantastic punch. It’s not uncommon for someone to hear something like the MAXIMUS IV go off, and wonder just how something that’s not particularly large in scale is able to produce such a powerhouse sound.

 Another reason why it can be in your best interest to learn how truck air horns work is because doing so can make it easy to know when your horn is working properly.

 How A Truck Air Horn Works

In order to understand how truck air horns work, it doesn’t hurt to break down the entire process behind its function into a few simple pieces of information:


  • An air horn is called such due to the fact that it needs air to move through an assortment of horns (think of trumpets). When air is pushed through the horns, the sound is then produced.
  • An air horn is designed for resistance. With this thought in mind, an electric air compressor needs to have power. This is what makes them capable of generating extraordinary levels of air at an extremely high PSI pressure.
  • Tubes move the air on through to the horns themselves, creating the sound of something like the Pro Blaster Dual Horn Kit HK5.
  • The compressors are connected to the power source by wires. This power source is then controlled with a basic on and off switch. Flipping the switch on causes the compressor to go to work.
  • Turning on the compressor causes generous portions of air to rapidly move through and leave the horns. The interior of the horn comes with a metal diaphragm, which oscillates as the air moves through it. The horn’s bell takes and then magnifies the vibration, creating a vibration of its own at a matching frequency. These vibrations move along with the air, and they eventually reach our own ears as sound.


You can delve even further into how truck air horns work, but this should give you a fairly solid idea of how they carry out their function. With this introduction to how they work, your search for the perfect horn can start.


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