Nathan Air Chime Train Horns

17 Oct

Sometimes, a regular every day train horn just isn’t going to cut it when you’re looking to really set your specific vehicle customization project apart from all others.

Sure, strapping a train horn or locomotive horn to your automobile isn’t exactly the most original customization idea out there (air horns have been innovating the consumer vehicle world for years and years now), but there is never been anything quite like the Nathan Air Chime train horns offered to the general public ever before.

This is literally the loudest ever train horn made available outside the train industry itself – and the kind of train horn that you can count on to make sure that your presence not only is heard, but that it felt as well. When you decide to install the Nathan Air Chime train horn in your vehicle, you’re committing to making sure that everyone for miles and miles around will know that you have arrived.

One of the very few specific train horn products available on the market today that requires you to wear hearing protection when you deploy it

It seems as though everyone in the train horn marketplace has been talking about how they are horns are the loudest thing going, but none of them offer the same kind of sound that you’re going to take advantage of the moment you install Nathan Air Chime train horns in your vehicle.

Taking things to an entirely new level (and pumping sound out of five different and distinct horns), the Nathan Air Chime train horns are the first ever product available in this industry but that requires you to have hearing protection when you decide to sound it.

We’re talking about trunk rattling, bone crushing, nausea inducing, hearing aid in your future kind of sound right here – the kind of amazing locomotive sound that you simply never had access to before. Nathan Air Chime train horns are a complete and total game changer in every sense of the word, something that you’ll never forget (nor will anyone in a two or 3 mile radius) the moment that you press the button.

Full and complete installation kits are readily available

The other thing that’s really impressive about this line of air horns and train horns is the fact that you’ll be able to order the full and complete installation kit necessary to get up and running without any delay whatsoever.

Not only will you be able to invest in the horns themselves, much also have everything else necessary to set up, install, and run this specific train horn installation as well. This cuts out all of the confusion that some other horns force you to go through when they make you source outside parts, stress and pressure you’ll never have to deal with when you purchase these products.

If you’re looking to completely change the way that people look at your customization project (and gain buckets and buckets of attention at the same time), then Nathan Air Chime train horns are perfect for you. 

If you have any additional questions, please browse our line of Nathan Airchimes train horns or train horn kits


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  1. Hope Adams November 25, 2013 at 5:20 am #

    Very informative blog…great work…

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