Nathan Air Chime Train Horns

14 Oct

Nathan Airchime is one of the original manufacturers of train horns.  Their history dates back to 1954 when the original K5H and K5L horn were introduced to the railroads.  It had an original D# minor chord sound, which is not the case in the horns made today.  It was in 1975 when they introduced the K-series.  The K5LA is available in our store now, by the way!  This new train horn model was introduced in 1975 at the request of Amtrak.  This is a 5 bell system and the new #3 and #4 bells were lowered to A# to G# on the 3 horn and from a C to a B chord on the #4 horn.  Nearly 30 years later it is the same horns and tones available on all of the kits today. As of the year 2000, this has been the most popular horn in all of North America.  

We offer these air horns on a kit in our store, the Nathan AirChime K5LA Model 540 Train Horn Kit.  The components of this kit are provided by the renowned Hornblasters Corporation.  In addition to the air tank, air compressor, and all of the other necessary install equipment, you will also receive a genuine brand new Nathan Airchime K5LA.  This is the exact horn that is the most commonly found on commercial trains today. The quality of this horn is outstanding and the sound is even better.  

The Airchime line of horns are manufactured by a company called Micro Precision, who is based out of Connecticut.  All of these horns have been and will remain to be manufacturer 100% in the USA, a quality that can be hard to find in todays outsourced manufacturing model. was founded on the basis of providing the best products on the market.  It is our goal to provide great horns and even better service for our customers. Please use the contact us tab if you have any questions about any of our kits and we look forward to helping you find the best kit for your truck!

Until next time, 

The team



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