Hornblasters Spotlight

14 Oct


The basis for the first few blog posts is going to focus on some of the key brands that we carry at our site.  The first spotlight is going to be on Horn Blasters.  Now, to start, I’ve worked with them on a few different occasions and I have had nothing but positive results with them.  They are a very professional company, with lots to offer to the train horn market.  

The Company was founded by Matt Heller in 2003 and they are based out of Zephyrhills, FL where they package and warehouse all of their products.  Matt has grown this company quite a bit and helped grow the train horn trend, which we owe him a sincere THANK YOU for.  He has even been recognized on the show Pimp My Ride.

They have many different product offerings, but there marquis product would have to be the Shocker Train Horns.  I believe that this is the product that got them on the map.  They have their own line of horns that they have then matched with the Viair compressors and tanks to make a great product.  These products have been discussed on many forums and other news outlets and I would be hard pressed to find a negative review.  These hornblasters train horn kits made by Horn Blasters are assembled in the USA and are not outsourced or made cheaply in another Asian country.

I have worked with this company on a few occasions now and would recommend them for all of your train horn needs.  They are one of our featured partners and we both strive to provide the best and easiest install of your train horn.  Feel free to reach out to with any questions or leave a comment on this blog.  I encourage you to check out all of the Horn Blasters products that we carry at: http://www.trainhornkits.net/hornblasters/


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