Brand Spotlight: Hornblasters Horns

10 Oct

People that have spent literally years and years hunting for that perfect train like sound for the hornet in their pickup trucks, big rigs, or even just their daily driver car have been going to Hornblasters horns to get exactly the kind of high quality solution is a been dreaming about.

Not only are the people at Hornblasters horns able to provide you with the kind of elite level solution you’re looking for – and easy to install horn that is going to fit in almost any vehicle you could imagine – there also going to be the relist and most authentic locomotive horn you’ve ever heard.

The quality that Hornblasters horns rings to the table is absolutely out of this world, and it’s astounding that they’ve been able to re-create the sound of a locomotive so accurately. Offering full and complete kits to do a total train horn conversion in any vehicle you wish, this is the kind of solution you’ve been hunting for.

Sound engineers, product designers, and manufacturers spent years perfecting that quality locomotive sound

The most amazing thing about Hornblasters horns (according to just about anyone that’s ever purchased, installed, or heard one of these amazing pieces of technology) has to be just how accurately they’ve been able to re-create the sound of full-blown locomotives.

It used to be that hearing a locomotive bellow down in the deeps of a valley, screeching through Main Street of your small town, or just getting ready to leave the yard was an everyday occurrence. Trains were just as much of a part of American culture as baseball, football, and apple pie– and though they are nowhere near as ubiquitous today as they were even just 50 years ago, there something about that locomotive horn sound that people just go wild for.

The sound engineers, product designers, and manufacturing partners that have all worked on these horns blower horns have dedicated their time and energy to accurately re-creating the sound of a traditional locomotive – and you’ll recognize at the moment that you hear one of these horns sound on any of their installations

The first company to offer a 100% all in one solution for a train horn conversion

Hornblasters horns also enjoys the distinction of being the first ever company anywhere in the world to offer a complete and total all in one solution to installing train horns in a motor vehicle. Complete with all of the horns you’ll need to re-create the sound of that locomotive, the air compressor responsible for pumping air through that horn, and all of the necessary wiring and other hardware for the installation, this is as close to a one-size-fits-all solution that you’ve been looking for.

Obviously, there are a whole host of other companies out there providing train horns to install in motor vehicles, but none of them – NONE of them – have the same kind of reputation that these fine instruments do. Hornblasters horns have climbed to the top of the industry for a very real reason, and you’ll find out exactly why the moment that you install one in your vehicle.  If you have any questions about our full line of Hornblasters Horns, please call us at (800) 603-8330.


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