10 Tips to Make Your Train Horns Last Longer and More!

1 Jun

Train horn kits are such a fun way to modify your vehicle. However, sometimes train horn owners find that their train horn kits don’t last long enough.

Many train horn owners find themselves having to replace their train horns at some point with a few needing replacement sooner than the owner would like. If you’d like to make your horns last longer, there are few things you need to take care of, such as buying quality train horn kits with the best features, and that are durable and authentic. Read on for the tips on making your train horns last longer…

10 Tips to Make Your Train Horns Last Longer!
There are 10 things you can do make your train horn last longer…
1. Be sure to change air filters regularly
2. Ensure that the engine runs on the right voltage
3. Clean the train horn kit once a month. Remove debris, if any.
4. Drain the air system regularly to get rid of condensation.
5. Ensure your train horn kit has been installed correctly. If the wires are misaligned, set them right using instructions from the wire installation diagrams made available by the manufacturers.
6. Unless you are comfortable with train horn kit wiring, don’t disassemble the train horn kit or try to repair the electrical connections by yourself. Always do the rewiring under professional supervision.
7. Don’t touch the components if they are wet.
8. Always use a 12v DC Charging system for the kit.
9. Never fill the air tank above 150 PSI.
10. Check your compressor regularly for air leaks.

Selecting Train Horns Kits That Last The Test of Time…
Train horn kits should have a precise tuning. This ensures that the sound produced by the train horn is of the best quality.
It also helps to buy train horn kits made from high quality materials. Since you’ll be spending a few hundred dollars at the minimum on a train horn kit, the last thing you want is for your kit to get damaged after a few months of use. For maximum durability, buy train horns made from steel. Steel horns certainly last a lot longer than plastic chrome plated horns.
Next, you need to be sure to buy train horn kits with compressors and valves of the highest quality. Compressors are the key to producing outstanding sound, so make sure to invest in the best.

Train Horn Troubleshooting…

What if the train horn does not make a sound…

If your train horn doesn’t make a sound, check to make sure the air tank is pressurized, find out if the switches are on, secure the electrical circuits and replace the fuses, if required.

What if the sound of the train horn changes…

This is a common problem – find out if the air source from the valve is circulating as it should. Ensure that each air line is equal in length.

What if there’s too much moisture in the train horn…

Depressurize the tank, drain it, and shift the compressor to an area with less humidity.

What if the compression stops running…

Make sure the switches are turned on, or the fuses might need replacing. If this doesn’t work, replace the pressure switch.

What if there’s too much knocking…

Try mounting the compressor to a cooler area. If this doesn’t work, replace the air compressor.


There you have it, 10+ tips for keeping your train horn kit running at its peak performance plus a few tips for purchasing a quality kit.

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Is a train horn kit right for you?

20 Apr

Why You Should Own a Train Horn!

You simply have to get a train horn! So what’s a train horn? Well, you’ve probably seen YouTube videos, where someone gets a train horn kit fitted in their truck or car, and blasts their horns at unsuspecting folks on the road! If you’re on the fence about installing a train horn kit, then this article is right for you!

Packing 150db or so under the hood can have hilarious outcomes, if you’re up to the challenge of installing train horns in your vehicle. It’s literally the loudest statement your vehicle can make!

You can install train horn kits on any vehicle of your choice. But train horns aren’t for you if you’re scared of drawing attention towards yourself. Train horn kits are clearly not for the meek – which you certainly are not!

Train horns come with great advantages – they are tons of fun, but can come with a few drawbacks. However, there’s no reason you cannot overcome the drawbacks. Let’s talk a bit more about train horn kits – why you should get them, and how to deal with some of the consequences of owning them.

So, why should you install train horn kits in your car or truck?

Train Horns are so much Fun!

Customizing your car or truck is a great hobby to have. Installing train horns makes your automobile much more interesting and fun. It’s sure to get you a lot of attention – indeed, train horns are the ultimate attention grabbers! You can have tons of fun with your car once you install the train horn kits. Your friends will love them, and so will your kids – especially your kids.

Train Horns Help in Emergency Situations

Installing train horn kits in your car or truck isn’t just about fun – they are very helpful in an emergency situation, such as when you get involved in a car accident. By using the train horn, you can alert the other drivers passing by about the accident, which can prevent further injuries. Train horns are also helpful when it comes to alerting people about your location in an emergency situation.

Train Horn Kits Are So Unique and Versatile!

Each train horn has its unique, easily identifiable style. Apart from the typical train horns that make sounds with a distinctive bass undertone, there are other train horn kits that use different types of music. There’s a huge variety of train horn kits on the market, and you can choose the one that fascinates you the most.

So, what are the drawbacks of owning Train Horns?

Some Cities and States Have Laws Against Them

Do find out before buying a train horn kit if your city or state has regulations against owning a train horn kit for your vehicle. Ask a local police officer about the laws regarding train horns in your city before buying one. It’s possible that your city or state has certain noise ordinances that you should be aware of.

Train Horn Kits Are Expensive

Train horns can be pricey – some cost over a thousand dollars. However, you will find a variety of awesome train horn kits on this site which are affordable and offer the amazing quality you’re looking for! We offer kits starting as low as $249.99 which are bound to fit any budget and train horn need. So have a look around. You will only find the very best train horns and train horn kits on TrainHornKits.net.


As you can see, customizing your vehicle with a train horn kit has a few drawbacks, but nothing that cannot be overcome. Owning a train horn kit can be tons of fun, and give your vehicle that flare you’ve been searching for!

What is The Loudest train Horn?

17 Jan

Train horn/air horn sounds can vary wildly. It’s a misconception that there isn’t much to the range of train horn/air horn sounds. The truth of the matter is there are actually quite an impressive variety of sounds that come from train horns and air horns. If you’re looking for a train horn or air horn, it’s important to understand the variety of sounds you’re dealing with. This will ensure you pick the best one for your particular needs.

Understanding Air Horns and Train Horns 

With the topic of train horn/air horn sounds, the first thing you want to do is understand the differences between train horns and air horns. Once you understand how these differ, you can then move on to finding a train horn kit or air horn that’s right for you.

Essentially, air horns and train horns perform the same function. They make a loud noise. The key difference is in how powerful a noise each device makes. Train horns are built for people who want some considerable power in the noise their horn makes. Air horns are typically not quite as powerful as a train horn is going to be. To put it another way, the loudest air horn kit you can purchase is obviously not going to be as powerful as the loudest train horn kit you can purchase for yourself.

Train horn/air horn sounds are capable of accomplishing a lot. Whether you need something simple that is capable of alerting people to your presence, or if you want something that’s going to quite possibly let the whole universe know you exist, you can find train horn/air horn sounds to match that need.

Testing Air Horn/Train Horn Sounds

When shopping online for train horns or air horns, it’s nice to be able to at least get an idea of what train horn/air horn sounds are actually going to sound like. The true experience will be when you put the horn to work. However, to at least give you an idea of which products are loud, which ones are louder, and which ones are the absolute loudest, feel free to consult this list:

∙Loud: The MAXIMUS II train horn kit, the Pro Blaster Triple Air Horn Kit HK3, and the Pro

Blaster Quad Air Horn Kit HK4 are all excellent examples of loud train horn/air horn sounds.


∙Louder: Looking for something that’s a little bit louder in your train horn/air horn

sounds? How about the MAXIMUS III, the Pro Blaster Dual Air Horn Kit HK5, the Pro

Blaster 3x Horn Kit HK6, or the HornBlasters Shocker Classic 228VX? All of these are

significantly louder than the examples mentioned above.


∙Loudest:  Get ready to blow a piece of the sky open. Although you won’t actually do that,

products such as the MAXIMUS IV, the Pro Blaster Triple Horn HK7, the Pro Blaster 3x

Horn HK8, or the Nathan AirChime K3LA Model 540. All of these products produce train

horn/air horn sounds that are going to absolutely blow you away. Do you really want

something that’s louder than these?

Is a Train Horn for Car Right for Your Vehicle?

7 Jan

If you want the loudest, most distinctive horn around, you’ll find that choosing a train horn for your car is a very smart strategy. These days, more and more vehicle owners are selecting these unique – and very powerful – devices, in order to promote better safety on the road. Customizing your car with a train horn won’t be difficult, as the best suppliers offer convenient train horn kits which make installation of these devices a total breeze.

Train horns belong in the aftermarket category, as they are definitely not standard on most vehicles. However, it’s quite simple to find these aftermarket accessories, which have gained significant popularity over time.

These Horns Deliver Massive Volume

Typical train horns have very loud decibel levels (around 150 dcb), so they deliver sizable bursts of volume that are designed to let other drivers (or pedestrians) know that there is a problem. If your current horn just isn’t cutting it, you’ll find that replacing it with a high-quality train horn is the best way to get the amazing horn performance that you’ve been looking for.

Basically, typical car horns which come standard on vehicles just can’t provide the same level of audibility as train horns. This is why upgrading to a train horn will be the best way to access truly superlative volume.

While it’s true that some people do choose train horns simply because they are the coolest horns around, they also serve as potent warnings on the road. No matter why you want this type of design, you’ll find that browsing www.trainhornkits.net is the secret to scoring a great deal on the perfect train horn. Bear in mind that these devices are also available for trucks.

What are Train Horns, Anyway?

These types of horns are classified as air horns, and they are designed to offer extremely loud warnings. Initially created for usage on trains, utilization of these devices has evolved, and this is why they’re now being used on cars and trucks.

Now that you know more about train horns for car, you’ll be one step closer to deciding if these styles are really right for you. By looking for designs which get great reviews from real-life customers, you’ll make it simpler to access wonderful products which will deliver impressive performance for years. So, be sure to look for product reviews online, in order to find exactly what you’re looking for. Then, you’ll be able to enjoy the perfect train horn for your vehicle.

How Truck Air Horns Work

23 Dec

Whether you’re shopping for something like the MAXIMUS II, the MAXIMUS III Quad Train Horn Kit, the Klein Quad Air Horn Kit HK4, or the Wolo Philly Express Compact Train Horn, it’s important to know what you’re looking for. It can help your search considerably to know how truck air horns work. When you understand how truck air horns work, finding exactly what you need for your specific plans is a much more straightforward task. 

Learning About Noise

Learning how truck air horns work is not a complex thing. However, these are intricate, well-crafted devices, when you purchase your kit or horn from one of the top manufacturers on the market today. Getting a sense of how these things work can not only make you a smarter shopper, but it can also be kind of interesting.

 After all, when you understand how something functions, you’re bound to appreciate it that much more. The best air horns and train horns pack a pretty fantastic punch. It’s not uncommon for someone to hear something like the MAXIMUS IV go off, and wonder just how something that’s not particularly large in scale is able to produce such a powerhouse sound.

 Another reason why it can be in your best interest to learn how truck air horns work is because doing so can make it easy to know when your horn is working properly.

 How A Truck Air Horn Works

In order to understand how truck air horns work, it doesn’t hurt to break down the entire process behind its function into a few simple pieces of information:


  • An air horn is called such due to the fact that it needs air to move through an assortment of horns (think of trumpets). When air is pushed through the horns, the sound is then produced.
  • An air horn is designed for resistance. With this thought in mind, an electric air compressor needs to have power. This is what makes them capable of generating extraordinary levels of air at an extremely high PSI pressure.
  • Tubes move the air on through to the horns themselves, creating the sound of something like the Pro Blaster Dual Horn Kit HK5.
  • The compressors are connected to the power source by wires. This power source is then controlled with a basic on and off switch. Flipping the switch on causes the compressor to go to work.
  • Turning on the compressor causes generous portions of air to rapidly move through and leave the horns. The interior of the horn comes with a metal diaphragm, which oscillates as the air moves through it. The horn’s bell takes and then magnifies the vibration, creating a vibration of its own at a matching frequency. These vibrations move along with the air, and they eventually reach our own ears as sound.


You can delve even further into how truck air horns work, but this should give you a fairly solid idea of how they carry out their function. With this introduction to how they work, your search for the perfect horn can start.


19 Dec

            There’s nothing quite like a trumpet blast to get someone’s attention.  Any instrument or sound-making device can come to express a wide variety of moods, but one that’s commonly associated with trumpets and horns is power.  Whether it’s “the trumpet that shall never call retreat” from “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” or a French horn working in the brass section of a symphony or just your blaring your own vehicle’s horn on the way to work as a sign of power—or, as is the case so often here in LA, frustration with traffic—there’s just no substitute for the sound that an effective trumpet or horn can make.  As a result, train horns for trucks are more popular now than ever before.

            For those not in the know, a train horn is a loud horn-like device designed to warn or alert others to the presence of an oncoming vehicle, usually a train—hence the name—but sometimes a large diesel engine or truck as well.  Train horns can be singular units as well as composite ones made up of many horns.

Here are four reasons to look into train horns for trucks this holiday season.

1.    THE HORN ITSELF: A train horn is simply a powerful horn meant for powerful vehicles—it doesn’t get any simpler than that.  Part of the great joy of owning a powerful pickup truck, diesel, or any large vehicle is the sheer power that comes with that auto.  There are fewer and fewer chances to experience real, raw power today, but there’s still plenty of room for the thunderous roar of an engine.  A powerful vehicle deserves a powerful horn, however and as such, train horns for trucks are catching on like never before.

2.    SAFETY FIRST: “With great power comes great responsibility.”  That line from the Spider-Man franchise has caught on in the popular public consciousness, and it applies here—when driving a powerful vehicle, it’s likely that you may well want a powerful horn to match, but even if you don’t, when driving an especially-large vehicle, train horns for trucks are simply a must from a safety standpoint.  You have to alert other oncoming vehicles as to your presence, and sometimes an old-fashioned or weaker horn won’t get the job done.

3.    THE SELECTION: What’s more, there’s never been a better selection of train horns for tucks.  Quality brands such as Nathan, Maximus, Kleinn, and other top-notch models are all in fine shape.  What’s more, when looking to buy train horns for trucks, this selection has created a market which is friendly to both newcomers and truck and train horn enthusiasts alike.

4.    THE X FACTOR: Train horns for trucks simply add to your vehicle in a way that no other horn or horn accessory can.  Every great work of art or masterpiece of craftsmanship is a balance between form and function, and a train horn complements the power and nature of trucks.  It alerts others to your presence and, indeed, gives your vehicle a presence all its own.

If you have any questions while shopping for the best present for your truck, feel free to give us a call at (800) 603-8330

Nathan Air Chime Train Horns

17 Oct

Sometimes, a regular every day train horn just isn’t going to cut it when you’re looking to really set your specific vehicle customization project apart from all others.

Sure, strapping a train horn or locomotive horn to your automobile isn’t exactly the most original customization idea out there (air horns have been innovating the consumer vehicle world for years and years now), but there is never been anything quite like the Nathan Air Chime train horns offered to the general public ever before.

This is literally the loudest ever train horn made available outside the train industry itself – and the kind of train horn that you can count on to make sure that your presence not only is heard, but that it felt as well. When you decide to install the Nathan Air Chime train horn in your vehicle, you’re committing to making sure that everyone for miles and miles around will know that you have arrived.

One of the very few specific train horn products available on the market today that requires you to wear hearing protection when you deploy it

It seems as though everyone in the train horn marketplace has been talking about how they are horns are the loudest thing going, but none of them offer the same kind of sound that you’re going to take advantage of the moment you install Nathan Air Chime train horns in your vehicle.

Taking things to an entirely new level (and pumping sound out of five different and distinct horns), the Nathan Air Chime train horns are the first ever product available in this industry but that requires you to have hearing protection when you decide to sound it.

We’re talking about trunk rattling, bone crushing, nausea inducing, hearing aid in your future kind of sound right here – the kind of amazing locomotive sound that you simply never had access to before. Nathan Air Chime train horns are a complete and total game changer in every sense of the word, something that you’ll never forget (nor will anyone in a two or 3 mile radius) the moment that you press the button.

Full and complete installation kits are readily available

The other thing that’s really impressive about this line of air horns and train horns is the fact that you’ll be able to order the full and complete installation kit necessary to get up and running without any delay whatsoever.

Not only will you be able to invest in the horns themselves, much also have everything else necessary to set up, install, and run this specific train horn installation as well. This cuts out all of the confusion that some other horns force you to go through when they make you source outside parts, stress and pressure you’ll never have to deal with when you purchase these products.

If you’re looking to completely change the way that people look at your customization project (and gain buckets and buckets of attention at the same time), then Nathan Air Chime train horns are perfect for you. 

If you have any additional questions, please browse our line of Nathan Airchimes train horns or train horn kits